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We have been executing the project for a long period, our expertise is in the installation & commissioning of the following major systems: -

  • Manufacturing of Electrical control/power panels.
  • Fabrication & Installation of all types of structural steel sheds etc.
  • Erection of various overhead cranes as well as maintenance of the same.
  • Installation & commissioning of Busbars.
  • Installation & commissioning of Inverted Power & Free conveyor with electrical installation.
  • Installation of Slat Conveyor.
  • Installation of Hydraulic Scissor lift.
  • Installation of Complete Electrical systems.
  • Manpower support for commissioning of all above types of systems.
  • Fabrication of pipeline, M.S. / S.S.
  • Electrical Installation & commissioning of Inline Baggage Handling system.

Any other services, which fall in the category of technical knowledge, we will be always ready to accept the challenge and put our best resources to serve your organization.

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